Soulfly set sights on the capital

Metal icons Soulfly will rock Austria later this year, it has emerged.

The band formed by Sepultura legend Max Cavalera in 1997 will perform at the Szene ( in Vienna on 15 October.

Soulfly have produced a fascinatingly wide spectrum of music over the years. Their first few records were strongly driven by traditional South American rhythms merged with straight-forward metal. The latter has gained the upper hand in recent years. Especially their acclaimed second studio album “Primitive” – which featured collaborations with stars as diverse as Sean Lennon, Corey Taylor and Chino Moreno – proved the immense impact of tribal sounds on Cavalera’s songwriting.

The band chose a strongly differentiating path on more recent releases like the ultra-heavy “Omen” from 2010. But it is this very album which can be strongly recommended to discover the “new” Soulfly – not only due to brilliant bonus tracks like a new version of “Refuse/Resist”.

Speaking about extraordinary experiences on the road, Cavalera once reminisced in an interview: “Indonesia was really crazy. I was there with Sepultura, still very young. I didn’t know that they were Muslims. In fact, I didn’t know what a Muslim is. (…) The whole crowd consisted of Muslims, all with turbans and everything. (…) (They) were up for a riot, it was great! I mean, I love riots! Sometimes it gets so boring on tour that I pray for a riot.”

Soulfly’s current US tour includes gigs in Tucson, Arizona, and San Antonio, Texas. Viennese music fans are not only looking forward to their concert at the Szene. The performances by Patti Smith (28 August), Sigur Ros (9 September) and Calexico (22 September) are eagerly awaited as well.

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