Book look: Gazprom, the Arab Spring and ancient Egypt

Jürgen Roth’s analysis of the structure and activities of Russian energy sector giant Gazprom bears chilling resemblance to a thriller. The investigative journalist uncovers the manifold ties between Western decision-makers and Gazprom’s often reckless managers of which some served in Soviet security agency, the KGB. Roth examines whether residents of countries such as Austria and Germany must fear an explosion of gas prices due to political and economic frictions between Russia’s leaders and politicians elsewhere. He also explains how Gazprom – which has nearly 400,000 employees today – managed to grow so fast. The Frankfurter Rundschau, a German newspaper, praised Roth for keeping a close eye on the actions of those in charge.

Gazprom. Das unheimliche Imperium
By Jürgen Roth
Published by Westend (

Wieland Schneider spent a long time in the Arab region to accompany the opposition movements of Libya and Egypt in their fight for democracy, dignity and human rights. The deputy editor of Viennese daily Die Presse’s foreign desk interviewed several Libyan freedom fighters and demonstrators on Cairo’s Tahrir Square to create a fascinatingly close portrait of the upheavals in the countries. His book “Das Ende der Angst” also includes an outlook on what might lie ahead for civil war-stricken Syria.

Das Ende der Angst?
By Wieland Schneider
Published by Braumüller (

Manfred Lurker’s “Lexikon der Götter und Symbole der alten Ägypter” – now out in a new edition by German publishers O. W. Barth / Droemer Knaur – features more than 350 keywords and over 100 illustrations about ancient Egypt. This brilliant encyclopaedia is packed with information about traditions, hero worship and rituals. Readers find everything they need to know about the meaning of symbols and funerary goods in the old days of the empire. The book’s author, who passed away in 1990, is still considered as one of Europe’s high-profile experts on this field.

Lexikon der Götter und Symbole der alten Ägypter
By Manfred Lurker
Published by O. W. Barth / Droemer Knaur (

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