Hello Austrofred!

Enjoy the second part of the Austrian Culture Channel’s encounter with Austrofred. Here, the The Champion – who rose to fame by merging the music of Queen with Austrian lyrics – speaks candidly about money, football and songs that shake you awake after a tough night.

The stage star’s website, http://www.austrofred.at, draws the masses with juicy content such as the infamous online diary. However, the section where live dates are supposed to be listed, is currently empty. In the meantime, Austrofred fans may seek consolation at his homepage’s store which boasts with the cult Austrofred reflective vest “Fire, Light & Austrofred” and several books, including the hilarious autobiography “Alpenkönig und Menschenfreund”. The Austrian Culture Channel leaves it up to readers whether this could be regarded as clever tactics by the star who also excels in promoting himself as a living legend.

My favourite drum / guitar solo in music history: …
Best drum solo: don’t know
Best guitar solo: Steve Howe (Yes) on “Yours is no disgrace” (Live
version on the Yessongs triple album)

Must be

The Euro2012 – my verdict:
Very good tournament!

My fans…
They make everything possible

Good promotion tool

(Dis)advantages for artists of being active on Facebook, Twitter etc.: …
You involuntarily sometimes stumble over not so nice things about
yourself. But one has to be professional about such things.

Interview requests during my holiday…
A rock artist of my stature has no holiday in that sense. If there is
promotion work to do, it has to be done.

Revealed! The best Austrofred concert of all time: …
Probably something in a very small location. These things are very hard
to do and I am very proud when I can pull it off.

Try this song to get out of bed after a short night: …
Van der Graaf Generator “Darkness”

My dear fans, one last thing: …
Live your dream!

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