Calexico are coming

Calexico will give a very special concert in Vienna next month, it has been revealed.

The Arizona-based band, whose output is strongly influenced by Mexican and South American sounds and rhythms, are lined up to perform at the city’s Konzerthaus on 22 September. The Konzerthaus is one of the best-known classical music venues of the Austrian capital. On rare occasions, gigs of groups of other genres take place there too. Fans of the band – who enjoy highest praise by the global music press at least since 2003 when “Feast of Wire” came out – can look forward to a very special night.

Calexico have created their very own sound by beautifully merging the music of southern and central parts of the American continent with American folk rock. After enjoying success at a relatively early stage of their career, they managed to keep standards up and fans pleased over the years. Albums like the wonderfully harmonic “Garden Ruin” from 2006 and the strongly acclaimed “Carried to Dust”, which was released two years later, are just two recent confirmations of their excellence.

The band’s name may not be part of the bill if rock fans’ are asked to disclose the headline acts of the event of their dreams. But there is no doubt that they are a certain bet for a good time on summertime afternoons – on festival stages across the world and on the MP3 players and stereos of people relaxing in the sun. Now fans of Calexico – who play instruments as diverse as trumpets and cellos – are at the ready for a unique live experience at the Konzerthaus.

For ticket information, go to and Other eagerly awaited concerts set to take place in Vienna are the performances by Toto (“Hold the Line”, “Africa”) who will rock the Arena on 22 August, soul pop legend George Michael (4 September, Stadthalle), Scottish indie rockers The View (17 September, Flex).

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