Herre in high spirits as Vienna gig nears

Max Herre will come to Austria later this month.

The German rap star is set to perform at the Arena in capital Vienna on 19 October. Herre – whose tour also includes gigs in Frankfurt, Hamburg and Zurich – has taken a key role in German hip hop for years.

He was part of celebrated band Freundeskreis who stormed the charts with their ballad “A-N-N-A”. The single soon received gold status. The band’s debut album, “Die Quadratur des Kreises”, has been sold over 170,000 units to date. “Esperanto”, which hit the shelves in 1999, was well-received by fans and critics too.

Freundeskreis withdrew from the spotlight around the millennium as the members opted for pursuing various solo projects and individual projects. However, the trio delighted their fans by reuniting for a number of concerts in 2007 before performing a final gig in their hometown, Stuttgart.

Herre’s solo debut was published already in 2004. The self-titled album was followed by “Ein geschenkter Tag” five years later. Last August, the popular rap artist – who has also succeeded as producer – released “Hallo Welt!”, his third studio album.

Herre’s artistic output strongly benefits by his vocal versatility, but his ability to combine various musical styles in the most beautiful manner play an almost equally important part. These skills – and his son writing talents – make the Stuttgart-born rapper’s live performances truly extraordinary experiences.

Some die-hard rap fans did not appreciate Herre’s singer-songwriter ambitions. In a recent interview with music information platform Laut.de, he underlined: “Meeting people’s expectations has never been my chief priority. I’ve always focused on making that kind of music I really wanted to make. I’ve always tried to stay true to myself.”

Herre (www.maxherre.de) added: “I do realised that people just like ‘Max the rapper’ who went missing for some time – but I did not get the impression that they weren’t ready to consider new influences.”

Herre’s gig is not the only concert Viennese music enthusiasts are looking forward to. Hamburg-based indie rockers Kettcar will hit the stage at the Arena on 8 November before Stone Sour and Papa Roach, two popular US American alternative rock acts, perform at the Gasometer concert hall on 30 November. For more live dates, see http://www.skalarmusic.at.

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