The real Bond

A secret agent who gets equipped with a bicycle to carry out his assignments, binge-drinking sessions before noon – and loads of wild sex. This is the vibrant mixture making the Burgtheater’s “Getränk Hoffnung” one of the most exciting plays currently performed in Vienna.

Especially Dietmar König as “Bond” is brilliant in the play by David Lindemann. König and Alexandra Henkel, who also performs in “Die Kommune”, make a perfect match in this new play packed with great quotes and surprising twists.

Michael Schachermaier directs the play which is performed at the Burgtheater’s small Vestibül stage this season after immense success in the previous one. The plot’s effects are strengthened by the narrowness of the venue, and the play’s five actors take the audience on a crazy ride featuring making a mockery of banks’ business model and the crisis in general.

Apart from “Getränk Hoffnung”, the Burgtheater is currently drawing the crowds with Elfriede Jelinek’s “Winterreise”, “Der Alpenkönig und der Menschenfeind” starring Johannes Krisch (“Gespenster”) and a string of new productions such as “Elektra” which premiered last night.


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