Book look: Köhlmeier’s poems, Saviano’s struggle and food lies

After publishing a 730-page tome including fairytales from all across the globe, Vorarlberg-based author Michael Köhlmeier has created his first collection of poems. “Der Liebhaber bald nach dem Frühstück”, which features more than 70 poems, is out now. The release marks another interesting turning point in the versatile writer’s career. Köhlmeier released “Madalyn”, an acclaimed novel, and other books soon after receiving several awards for his epic story of an Austrian family, “Abendland”, in 2007. Köhlmeier does not shy away from commenting political developments and imbalances in society either. In 2009, he joined ORF anchorwoman Ingrid Thurnher in the “Sommergespräche”, a popular political talk show. Köhlmeier and Thurnher interviewed Josef Bucher, the head of the Alliance for the Future of Austria (BZÖ), at the Domplatz Square in Salzburg.

Der Liebhaber bald nach dem Frühstück
By Michael Köhlmeier
Published by Hanser (

Roberto Saviano is best known for “Gomorra”, his gripping novel about organised crime in southern Italy. The Olof Palme Prize laureate is forced to live in hiding due to his strong engagement against his home country’s Mafia organisations. Saviano, who receives murder threats on a regular basis, now portrayed fellow Italians who refuse to stop fighting inequalities caused by corrupt officials and businesspeople (“Der Kampf geht weiter”). Friederike Hausmann and Rita Seuß translated “Vieni via con me” into German.

Der Kampf geht weiter
By Roberto Saviano
Published by Hanser (

Der Spiegel reporter Alexander Neubacher has written a book to uncover the malpractices of the foodstuff industry – and to highlight how consumers make it all worse, despite their good intentions to go green. In “Ökofimmel”, the Krefeld-born author lists advices shoppers can stick to if they really want to make a difference in times of rising carbon emissions and soaring food prices. He takes a closer look at what a possible introduction of so-called eco fuel E10 could cause. Neubacher also investigates the latest developments in the nuclear energy industry. Other chapters focus on ecological footprint myths and debatable forecasts on what the future might bring for consumers in industrialised countries and people living in developing nations plagued by famines and food supply bottlenecks.

By Alexander Neubacher
Published by DVA (

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