Book look travel special: Florence

The Austrian Culture Channel has checked Central Europe’s book market for the best German-language travel guides to Florence, arguably one of the most beautiful cities of the continent.

Baedeker’s guides are often described as nothing less than the most trusted and simply the best travel publications of Germany. After having enjoyed using several other Baedeker editions such as the one about Munich, the Austrian Culture Channel can confirm that the high expectations holidaymakers put into Baedeker’s books are met also met as far as its Florence guide is concerned.

On nearly 300 pages, vacationers find all they need to know for visiting the Tuscan beauty spot. Loads of background information about the many changes Florence has gone through in the past decades and the personalities which have left their marks ensures a highly interesting start into getting to know the bustling city. The Baedeker guide also offers essential facts about hotels, eateries and shops of all kind.

Its detailed descriptions about famous galleries such as the Galleria degli Uffizi and the Palazzo Pitti including room-to-room tips and maps are certain to turn out to be essential to every traveller interested in substantially discovering art while staying in Florence. This feature is a great help to those unwilled to miss any highlights among the uncountable number of paintings and sculptures on display.

A 16-page booklet about tradition-rich bronze, glass and leather workshops is a nice recently added extra of the Baedeker Florence guide.

Speaking of the best guides for a holiday in Florence, the Marco Polo one deserves more than just a mention. On 140 pages, the guide’s presumably young readership gets provided with all they need to know about sightseeing, shopping and partying. Its handy map ensures no one gets lost in the busy streets of downtown Florence which may well bear resemblance to a labyrinth to some.

An interesting feature of the Marco Polo guide is a two-page briefing on how to spend a perfect day in Florence. The chapter about the best nightlife locations and useful information regarding eco-friendly travelling possibilities are other excellent services provided by Marco Polo.

Apart from awarding compliments to the Baedeker and Marco Polo travel guides, the Austrian Culture Channel would also like to set the spotlights on what the staff of the Hotel Embassy are achieving. Thanks to their enduring friendliness and helpful attitude, a stay at this fine four-star hotel becomes a very special experience.

Located close to the city’s main station, the Hotel Embassy – which features rooms in modern design and delicious breakfast offerings – is an ideal starting point for every kind of touristic activity. Its vicinity to the station means smooth travelling to Pisa, Siena and other places situated within reach for day trips. Furthermore, holidaymakers opting for the Hotel Embassy appreciate that none of Florence’s main attractions are too far away to be reached by foot in less than 20 minutes.

Those fearing unbearable noise levels due to the hotel’s location must be informed that the only occasional sound coming from the street it is situated is created by a tram passing by rather slowly.

Baedeker: Florenz
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Marco Polo: Florenz
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For information about Hotel Embassy room rates and availability, visit or call +39 055 219 316.

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