Book look: Science Busters

Two years ago, the Science Busters – a trio formed by two scientists and a comedian – scored a bestseller with their first book. Now experimental physicist Werner Gruber, astrophysicist Heinz Oberhummer and award-winning Kabarett performer Martin Puntigam are at it again.

“Wer nichts weiß, muss alles glauben” received wide acclaim by fans and critics in 2010, and a similar echo by the public can be expected concerning their new book, “”. On almost 300 pages, Gruber, Puntigam and Oberhummer – who consider themselves as the “hottest science boygroup of the Milky Way” – explain physical phenomena in extraordinarily entertaining manner.

Science Busters fanatics should brace for incredible facts about the world of science as the Science Busters take a closer look at the routines of mammals, reptiles and insects. A three-CD audio book on which legendary writer Harry Rowohlt teams up with the crazy science comedians, has been published too.

The Science Busters exist since 2007. Over the years, they entertained their following in short clips on radio station FM4 and on stage. Recently, the trio were given their own TV show on ORF 1. The programme quickly developed into one of national broadcaster ORF’s most successful comedy offerings.

The Science Busters’ mega success in their homeland did not go unnoticed in bordering Germany. Their current tour will take Gruber, Oberhummer and Puntigam to Mannheim, Nuremberg and Berlin shortly before their return to Austria for further stage and TV appearances (for additional information, go to

Apart from these performances, Puntigam ( gets ready to hit the stage at Vienna’s Kabarett Niedermair ( on 27 November and 15 December. At the this Kabarett hotspot, the Science Busters member will perform “Atomic Wedgie”, his new one-person programme.

Gedankenlesen durch Schneckenstreicheln
By Martin Puntigam, Werner Gruber and Heinz Oberhummer
Published by Hanser (

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