Book look: Tom Buhrow & Sabine Stamer

Books with a focus on US politics and the country’s economy are selling like hot cakes everywhere these days because of the recent presidential election. Analysts explain in their publications how the United States’ fragile economy could be saved from derailing while historians write about the nation’s impact on global politics throughout the centuries.

However, there are releases with slightly different focuses too. ORF correspondent Wolfgang Geier’s describes the USA as a “country of unlimited differences” in his book “Obamerika” which features reports from several cities and different rural areas.

“Wahnsinn Amerika” offers interviews conducted by German journalist Klaus Scherer. The Grimme Prize laureate spoke with members of the middle class about the reform of the USA’s healthcare system and the increasing difficulties their encounter in making ends meet. Scherer also interviewed FBI agents while concentrating on comparing the policies of Barack Obama, the re-elected President, with the ones of his predecessors in other chapters.

Now Munich-based publishing house Piper released another “Gebrauchsanweisung” guide. The new guide reflects the experiences of Tom Buhrow and his wife, Sabine Stamer. Buhrow – who currently presents German TV channel ARD’s late-night news show Tagesthemen – lived in Washington, D.C., the federal capital of the USA for 10 years.

Only a few weeks ago, the Washington correspondent of the European edition of the Financial Times described the city as an interesting and more-lively-than-expected place to live. Buhrow and Stamer write about Thanksgiving customs, explain why Washingtonians tend to buy in bulk from time to time and reveal dress code essentials. They do not fail to mention issues such as drug-dealing, local political developments – and the city’s squirrels.

“Gebrauchsanweisung für Washington” is a cleverly-structured and informative little helper for people planning to move to the city and everyone considering a holiday there. Europeans with an interest in entertaining reports from a city in another part of the world will enjoy reading the book – which follows the release of Piper guides for Naples, Paris, Barcelona and Amsterdam – as well.

Gebrauchsanweisung für Washington
By Tom Buhrow and Sabine Stamer
Published by Piper (

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