Book look: Mit eigenen Augen

National broadcaster ORF is widely respected for its high quality news coverage. While private rivals argue that the station must not spend fees on the acquisition of the rights to screen US American series, few criticise the work of its foreign correspondents. The journalists do not only cover breaking news for the ORF’s various programmes but also produce longer reports which offer background views. These are the occasions in which their journalistic excellence is unveiled.

Now yet untold background stories and personal episodes have been garnered for a new book. In “Mit eigenen Augen”, the ORF’s team of 19 correspondents recount what they “saw with their own eyes” in 16 countries all over the world.

While Bettina Madlener tells several anecdotes to highlight the vast differences in mentality which separate Britons and people from continental Europe, Mathilde Schwabeneder looks back on crimes carried out by Italy’s Mafia organisations. Christian Wehrschütz, the ORF’s correspondent for the Balkans, analyses which hurdles the regions’ nations have had to take on their way to becoming part of the European Union.

“Tagebuch der Arabischen Revolution” by Karim El-Gawhary, who works for the Vienna-based channel in Cairo, became a bestseller last year. In “Mit eigenen Augen” he describes his feelings after participating in the first election in post-Mubarak Egypt.

“Mit eigenen Augen” – now out by Austrian publishing house Styria – can be recommended not just because of the reporters’ sense for compelling stories. The book also benefits from the wide range of topics covered by the correspondents. Another positive aspect is that the concept enables the reader to read the book from the first to the final page or simply skip certain chapters.

Mit eigenen Augen. ORF-Korrespondenten berichten
By Tim Cupal, Cornelia Primosch, Jörg Winter and many others
Published by Styria Premium (

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