Hungarian art and high-quality acting

A wonderfully composed exhibition about a group of Hungarian artists is now on at the Bank Austria (BA) Kunstforum. The gallery – which is situated in the city centre of Vienna – organised an excellent Herbert Brandl exhibit earlier this year. Now the Kunstforum presents the “The Eight”, eight painters from the country which borders Austria in the east.

Karoly Kernstok, Robert Bereny and the six other members of their movement caused scandals in their homeland’s society in the first few years of the past century by resetting their focus on bright colours to strengthen their extravagant approach to art. Family portraits, still lifes, nude drawings and depictions of street scenes are part of the exhibition of which Gergely Barki, Evelyn Benesch and Zoltan Rockenbauer are in charge.

Located just a few hundred metres from the Burgtheater, a visit to the Kunstforum can be conveniently combined with a night at the theatre. The Burgtheater is one of the most prestigious theatres in Central Europe. It managed to receive wide acclaim by audiences and the press for most of the premieres of the current season.

“Elektra” by Hugo von Hofmannsthal is just one of several spectacular new productions at the theatre headed by Matthias Hartmann. Christiane von Poelnitz and Catrin Striebeck star in the play directed by Michael Thalheimer.

Hoffmansthal also wrote “Jedermann”, the stage drama which is performed as part of the Salzburger Festspiele (Salzburg Festival) each summer. It emerged recently that Cornelius Obonya will succeed Nicholas Ofczarek in playing the leading role in the play at this year’s edition of the event.

While Ofczarek has been a member of the Burgtheater ensemble for many years, Obonya can be seen on stage at the theatre this season in “Der Alpenkönig und der Menschenfeind” written by Ferdinand Raimund. He also stars in “Caligula” which is currently part of the playbill of the Kasino, a stage associated with the Burgtheater.



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