Book look: Das deutsche Europa

A renowned sociologist has written a book about today’s “German Europe”.

Ulrich Beck, who lectures at Harvard and the London School of Economics (LSE), argues that political decision-making procedures in Europe are dominated by the German government’s policies. He warns from keeping up the pressure on financially struggling European Union (EU) member states to make further cuts. Beck – who criticises anti-democratic tendencies in parliamentary procedures in several European countries – appeals on political leaders across the continent to strengthen the states’ social systems.

On 80 pages, the author of “Nachrichten aus der Weltinnenpolitik” and “Fernliebe. Lebensformen im globalen Zeitalter”, explains how the continent’s indebted countries could overcome the current economic crisis without putting further strain on their people. The arguments listed in Beck’s book are essential in the ongoing debate about how to act as budget deficits and unemployment rates keep soaring.

“Das deutsche Europa” comes shortly after the release of “Zehn Mythen der Krise” by economist Heiner Flassbeck. In his book, Flassbeck examined several truths and myths of the economic downturn. “Zehn Mythen der Krise” was also released by Edition Suhrkamp Digital in the publishing house’s latest initiative focusing on compact and precise essays and analyses.

Das deutsche Europa
By Ulrich Beck
Published by Edition Suhrkamp Digital (

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