Book look: Portugal, Munich and cartoons

Getting to know a Portuguese, falling in love with him and leaving one’s own home Kann denn Fado fade sein? - to live in his – this is the starting point for Christina Zacker’s new book. The German journalist describes how she, slowly but surely, got used to routines of daily life in the southern country which has recently been in the news mostly because of its financial troubles. Zacker writes about traditions such as bullfighting, people’s eating habits and men’s passion for football. “Kann denn Fado fade sein” features an uncountable number of amusing anecdotes, but also offers a comprehensive overview about everything linked with living in Portugal.

Kann denn Fado fade sein?
By Christina Zacker
Published by Heyne (

A journey back in time is made possible by a recently released picture book. “Leben in München” contains hundreds of black and white photographs taken by Michael Fackelmann in Munich in the early 1960s. His pictures demonstrate the significant contrast between the city’s conservative establishment and the rebellious movements of that time. scenes showing youths dressed up as Beatles lookalikes lurking at city centre squares while elderly people put on a grim face hint at the eruption of violence on the streets of Europe’s cities a few years later. Fackelmann, who was born in Berlin, also took pictures of market stallholders, kids dressed up for carnival – and boozing crowds in Munich’s famous beer halls.

Leben in München
By Michael Fackelmann
Published by Terra Magica (

As the days are getting significantly colder, a new book packed with cartoons by one of Germany’s most popular artists of this genre appears on the scene. “Urlaub” by Uli Stein is a great collection of hilarious cartoons about all aspects of holidaymaking. A couple in need of sun ends up at the South Pole while, on other pages, families argue about various issues at the beach. Vacationers’ communication troubles with indigenes are also told in “Urlaub”. Uli Stein’s books have been translated into several languages including Chinese and Korean. Stein previously released cartoons about topics such as gardening, education and cooking.

By Uli Stein
Published by Lappan (

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