Book look: espionage, grammar and caricatures

The case of Alfred Oberst Redl - www.residenzverlag.atRedl is one of the most spectacular espionage scandals of Austria. The officer was driven into suicide in 1913 by those who caught him informing Russia’s secret service for years. Based on recently discovered documents, two historians have written a new book about the life and death of the Austrian-Hungarian army officer who had a secret homosexual affair with a young soldier. “Oberst Redl. Der Spionagefall. Der Skandal. Die Fakten” by Verena Moritz and Hannes Leidinger is nominated for the Austrian Science Book of the Year. Magazine profil recently recommended the book as it published a cover´story about Redl. Other acclaimed Residenz Verlag releases are “Es wäre schön, kein Schriftsteller zu sein” by Gerhard Amanshauser and the script of David Schalko’s television sensation “Braunschlag”.

Oberst Redl. Der Spionagefall. Der Skandal. Die Fakten
By Verena Moritz and Hannes Leidinger
Published by Residenz Verlag (

A new quick German grammar guide is out now. Langenscheidt’s “Kurzgrammatik Deutsch” includes many useful tips and learning strategy advices. Even the most complex aspects of the language are explained reasonably. A solution key for the various exercises can be found at the end of the 140-page book for learners of the levels A1 to B2. Langenscheidt – which is one of the biggest publishing houses specialised in language-learning material in the world – also offers a large number of additional exercises on its website.

Langenscheidt Kurzgrammatik Deutsch
By Sarah Fleer
Published by Langenscheidt (

Caricaturist Gerhard Haderer’s review of the past year is out now. The “Haderer Jahrbuch” includes cartoons about the big sport events of 2012, decisions in Austrian and international politics but also trivial daily life. In his foreword, Haderer explains why caricaturist is the “most comfortable job in the world” to him. “You always notice something, even if you have no ideas,” he says, adding that German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s attempts to save Europe from ruin was something he could not ignore – despite most attention being focused on the Olympics and the European Football Championship last summer. Haderer also argues why he would like to thank Paul McCartney, bankers, Mars robot Curiosity – and explains why there is comparably little about domestic politics this time around.

Haderer Jahrbuch
By Gerhard Haderer
Published by Lappan (

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