Book look: Reichholf, Geist and Meck

Explaining complex processes in nature in Naturgeschichte(n) - www.knaus-verlag.desimple and clear words – this is one of the biggest talents of Josef H. Reichholf. The leading biologist writes about the lives of small and big animals from all across the globe in his new book, “Naturgeschichte(n)”. Reichholf also concentrates on deciphering the relationship between mankind and animals. By considering that readers are not scientists, Reichholf created a true gem. The release of “Naturgeschichte(n)” is followed by the publication of “Zamonien”, a fictional, richly-illustrated encyclopaedia by Walter Moers and Anja Dollinger. Knaus Verlag recently also presented “Überleben oder Scheitern”, a new book by Georg Pieper.

By Josef H. Reichholf
Published by Knaus (

A new German book for teens with a special focus on spelling has been published by Langenscheidt. “Deutsch-Pirat – 7. Klasse Rechtschreibung” features an immense variety of exercises to ensure that students reduce their error rate. The exercises focus on the correct spelling of German words but there are also checks regarding tenses and the issue whether the first letter of terms and expressions has to be capitalised. The book by Alexander Geist has a clear structure and comes with a CD featuring additional exercises. Langenscheidt’s website also offers exercises and tests for everyone interested in improving their German.

Langenscheidt Deutsch-Pirat – 7. Klasse Rechtschreibung
By Alexander Geist
Published by Langenscheidt (

The strategy of Anshu Jain and Jürgen Fitschen, the new co-chiefs of the Deutsche Bank, is under close scrutiny by a new book. Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung deputy economy editor Georg Meck describes which path the duo will most likely choose to navigate the bank through the crisis. In “The Deutsche: Investmentbanker an der Macht”, Meck portrays Jain’s rise to the top and examines whether Fitschen’s power is as limited as claimed by experts. Meck stresses that it is nothing but a “myth” that Jain and Fitschen are equal partners. The award-winning journalist also reviews the era of Josef Ackermann – and discloses that his six-year-old son is the only member of his family with a Deutsche Bank savings account.

The Deutsche: Investmentbanker an der Macht
By Georg Meck
Published by Campus Verlag (

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