Book look: oil quests, insect inspections and language insights

A renowned Swiss historian has written a spectacular book about the quest for oil and how energy-related matters influence global politics. Daniele Ganser – who heads the Basel-based Swiss 1Institute for Peace and Energy Research (SIPER) – tries to offer a sensible prediction concerning the future of trading with oil. He also takes a look at how it all started when ExxonMobil – a pioneer on the field of energy sector firms – emerged. Ganser also explains what the foundation of Royal Dutch Shell in 1907 meant for the business in Europe. His book “Europa im Erdölrausch.” also contains lots of information about the search for the precious resource in Austria and imports by Switzerland. Ganser analyses how World War One, the international oil crisis of 1973, the Iranian revolution of 1979, the various wars in Iraq and the revolution of 2011 in Libya changed the circumstances. Furthermore, he writes about the future chances of renewable energy technologies like hydropower and solar energy.

Europa im Erdölrausch. Die Folgen einer gefährlichen Abhängigkeit.
By Daniele Ganser
Published by Orell Füssli (

“Insekten und Schmetterlinge”, a new guide by Ingrid von Brandt, helps to determine insects when spotted while going for a walk. The GU Verlag publication’s chapters focus on bugs, dragonflies, locusts, butterflies and other kinds of insects. It features nice short stories about their lives and interesting information about how their various body parts function as well as about their ways to communicate. Readers learn that there are at least 1.25 million different types of insects in the world.

Insekten und Schmetterlinge
By Ingrid von Brandt
Published by GU Verlag (

A new English-learning package confirms Langenscheidt’s position as one of Europe’s leading publishing houses specialised in languages. “Englisch mit System” by John Stevens is a sensible mixture of gap-filling and true and false exercises and games such as crossword puzzles. The guide also features many listening comprehension parts, various tests and grammar checks. “Language in use” texts are based on real life situations and packed with useful vocabulary. The book’s 20 languages include topics like dining at a restaurant, going on holidays, asking for the way and making New Year’s resolutions. Audio and MP3 CDs are part of Langenscheidt’s language-learning programme which also includes books for people interested in learning French and Spanish. The publishing house’s modern guides lead learners to the international language level of B1.

Englisch mit System
By John Stevens
Published by Langenscheidt (

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