Phenomenal photo exhibit excites the city

An excellent photo exhibit and an impressive permanent exhibition of contemporary art are heaving the 21er Haus into a top position among Austria’s museums.

The new gallery, which is situated near Vienna’s new main train station, currently hosts an exhibition called “Fotos. Österreichische Fotografien von den 1930ern bis heute” (Photos. Points of view in Austrian photography from the 1930s until today).
Images taken by dozens of artists are featured in the exhibit. Few names will ring a bell with most visitors. However, photographs of internationally renowned personalities such as Heimo Zobernig, Peter Weibel and Erwin Wurm are part of “Fotos” too.

Portraits, photographic still lives and controversially experimental images – images of various genres are on display at the 21er Haus. The museum, which is associated with the famous Belvedere Palace – also features a great permanent exhibition of domestic art. The creative output of big names like Maria Lassnig, Erwin Nitsch, Markus Schinwald and Franz West is on display. Furthermore, pieces of art made by global icons such as Damien Hirst are featured as well.

Austrian Culture Minister Claudia Schmied contributed introducing words for the catalogue the 21er Haus released to mark the “Fotos” exhibit. Schmied points out: “For me, it is important to enable as many people as possible to access and experience contemporary art. The exhibition ‘Photos’ contributes to that.”


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