Book look: Gertrud Höhler

Angela Merkel is facing harsh criticism as a new book causes controversy.die patin

Gertrud Höhler, a former board member at several leading companies, claims that the German chancellor’s decisions cause a “dangerous development for Germany and for Europe”. Höhler – who analyses, as her book’s subheading promises, how Merkel “reconstructs” the country – accuses Merkel of only focusing on remaining in charge. The author suggests that this target is the key goal of the chancellor and therefore dominates all of her political actions.

In “Die Patin”, Höhler writes about how Merkel – one of Germany’s most popular lawmakers – made some of the most important ideals and policies of Germany’s Social Democrats (SDP) her own to stay ahead in elections. She also reviews Merkel’s disputed U-turn on nuclear energy and takes a look at the upcoming federal ballot.

The chancellor’s Christian Democratic Union (CDU) is leading the polls but must brace for a weak performance by its current coalition partner, the Free Democratic Party (FDP). Such a constellation could serve up another CDU-SPD coalition – with Merkel as its head.

Die Patin. Wie Angela Merkel Deutschland umbaut.
By Gertrud Höhler
Published by Orell Füssli (

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