Essl excites

Two extraordinary special exhibitions are now on in one of Austria’s most renowned museums.1

“ Vorspiegelung” features works by Martin Schnur, a contemporary Austrian artist. Schnur is not among the best-known Austrian painters. However, he is certainly one of the country’s most exciting ones, as the new exhibit – now on display at the Essl Museum – proves. This gallery is a prestigious name when it comes to places where contemporary art finds a home. Schnur brilliantly plays with the possibilities of reflexions and optical illusions. His paintings seem to convey pure and clear messages but are full of mysteries and unanswered questions.

While Günther Oberhollenzer is in charge of “Vorspiegelung”, the Essl Museum’s bosses asked Rene Block to curate an exhibition called “Eine kleine Machtmusik”. The exhibit underlines the importance of the museum’s own collection as some of the most influential Austrian artists of the 20th century are represented. The enormous spectrum features works by Hermann Nitsch, Maria Lassnig, Erwin Wurm and Christian Ludwig Attersee.

Rene Block is a German museum director and collector of art. Both the exhibit he compiled and “Vorspiegelung” are currently drawing the crowds at the museum located in Klosterneuburg. Its management offers a shuttle service bringing lovers of art from the city centre of Vienna to Klosterneuburg and back – several times a day and free of charge. Visit for more information.

The number of Essl Museum fans has been up sharply in recent years thanks to the institution’s wonderful exhibitions. Its Georg Baselitz exhibit – which closed recently – is widely regarded as one of the cultural highlights in Austria so far this year. The exhibit consisted some of the German artist’s most important works, including a giant wooden sculpture.

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