Book look: funny journeys, French exercises and Styrian legends

One of Central Europe’s best cartoonists has written a 1quirky book about travelling. In “Rumgurken. Reisen ohne Plan, aber mit Ziel”, Tex Rubinowitz tells from strange encounters and unusual personal experiences abroad. Each chapter in the book by the Vienna-based caricaturist, who was born in the German city of Hanover, is introduced with a philosophical statement, lyrics from a pop song – or a dialogue taken from the legendary animated sitcom “The Simpsons”. “Rumgurken” is full of satirical analyses and amusing anecdotes based on conversations with people in places like Baku, Budapest and Berlin. It also contains a list of people who turned 50 in 2011. Rubinowitz, who is also active as a musician and painter, reached this age that year – and claims in his book that a remarkably high number of melancholic celebrities did so too.

Rumgurken. Reisen ohne Plan, aber mit Ziel
By Tex Rubinowitz
Published by Rowohlt (

“Großes Übungsbuch Französisch” is the best choice for advanced French learners who are looking for a comprehensive grammar publication. The book features around 3,000 exercises. No relevant grammatical topic is left out. On 230 pages, all important rules of the language are explained. The authors Nicole Laudut and Catherine Patte-Möllmann and publishing house Hueber decided not to illustrate the book. This decision supports determined learners willing to work hard. Forming questions correctly and choosing the appropriate tense are just two of the many subjects featured in “Großes Übungsbuch Französisch”.

Großes Übungsbuch Französisch
By Nicole Laudut and Catherine Patte-Möllmann
Published by Hueber (

Witches, giants and various other mysterious creatures appear in the stories Peter Stelzl collected in the past few years. The writer collected ancient legends from the Austrian province of Styria to publish them in a new book. Stelzl searched old documents to garner the stories but also depended on oral lore. In twelve chapters, readers are taken into a world dominated by scary characters. The legends tell from plague-ridden towns, priests, sorcerers – and the devil. The Styria publishing house recently also released a new book by Gabriele Lukacs. “Wien – Geheimnisse einer Stadt” reveals many secrets about the Austrian capital. Secret codes, signs and messages are deciphered by Lukacs who previously wrote a book about the Waldviertel region (“Kraftorte im Waldviertel”).

Sagen aus der Steiermark
By Peter Stelzl
Published by Styria Regional (

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