Book look: Bernd Stöver

Bernd Stöver’s new book, a 1760-page tome about the history of the USA, is out now. The German historian, who lectures at the University of Potsdam, analyses the country’s cultural and economic development as well as political constellations.

Stöver deals with the dark chapter of slavery, the power of pop culture and the importance of Hollywood’s movie business in “United States of America. Geschichte und Kultur – Von der ersten Kolonie bis zur Gegenwart”. The author also dedicates several chapters of the book – which contains several maps, photographs and statistics – to the various wars the United States were involved in and clarifies various contradictions. He describes how politicians eventually decided to throw nuclear bombs on Japanese cities.

Stöver does an excellent job in explaining why the USA became a global superpower as far as political and economic issues are concerned. The university professor – who previously released books about Berlin, the capital city of Germany, and the Cold War – investigates the mentality of Americans and analyses why indestructible patriotism plays such a key role in various chapters of the country’s history.

United States of America
By Bernd Stöver
Published by C.H. Beck (

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