Book look: the Flick Empire, TV shopping and language-learning

The Flick family is one of Europe’s most impressive industrial dynasties. Now a team of authors created a great book to decipher the many disputed issues that surround the family’s biography. 1Regardless which political group was in charge in Germany, the Flick family always soldiered on. Immensely successful over centuries, economic issues always seemed to matter more than political statements and declarations. Norbert Frei, a historian, cooperated with Jörg Osterloh, Ralf Ahrens and Tim Schanetzky in evaluating thousands of documents about the Flick Empire – a task which took them over four years. The Flicks are often described as a perfect example for ruthless capitalism in the 20th century. Furthermore, they are an important part of the history of Germany. Surviving several economic downturns, the Flick family succeeded in the steel and paper industry, chemical and production as well as in mechanical engineering.

Flick. Der Konzern, die Familie, die Macht.
By Norbert Frei, Ralf Ahrens, Jörg Osterloh and Tim Schanetzky
Published by Pantheon (

A broadcaster’s sales manager reveals unbelievable but true occurrences from the world of TV shopping. In “Wenn Sie jetzt anrufen, bekommen Sie den Moderator gratis dazu”, Andrea Volk writes about extraordinary marketing measures carried out by the channels which experience a hype in Germany and Austria – despite the enormous possibilities offered to shopaholics by the internet. Some of the actions revealed by her have obvious manipulative tendencies. While speaking bluntly about the ways how customers are almost enforced to snatch up the products on offer, Volk does not neglect the amusing aspects of the crazy universe of television shopping.

Wenn Sie jetzt anrufen, bekommen Sie den Moderator gratis dazu
By Andrea Volk
Published by Heyne (

A German publishing house has released a course book for people interested in learning German which includes English translations. Each unit of the new release – compiled by Eva Heinrich and Andrew Maurer – features boxes in which the most important words are summarised and translated into English. This aspect will surely help people getting better quickly. The language-learning package – now out by Cornelsen – also includes two 70-minute CDs of dialogues. Subjects such as introducing the family, conversations by travellers and childhood memories are presented. In their introducing words, the book’s authors underline the immense important of German since it is the official language in several European countries.

German. Deutsch als Fremdsprache
By Eva Heinrich & Andrew Maurer
Published by Cornelsen (

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