Book look: Sigrid Eyb-Green

“15 dag Extrawurst” is a common request at domestic supermarkets’ deli service departments since this amount of sliced sausage is a popular snack. Austrians love bread rolls with some butter, Extrawurst sausage and maybe a cucumber or a slice of cheese.

However, “15 dag Extrawurst” is also the title of a new book by Sigrid Eyb-Green. The Austrian writer collected almost 700 notes for her most recent release. Most of the small sheets of paper were thrown away on the streets of Vienna before she picked them up, but there are also notepads from people in Bern, Switzerland, and Amsterdam in the Netherlands.

Some notes are torn into pieces while others show mysterious combinations of numbers. 1Eyb-Green found to-do lists, recipes and a sheet of paper on which someone wrote: “always – often – sometimes – never”. One infuriated resident warns on a note that a driver’s car will be towed away the next time he finds it parked in front of his driveway. Shopping lists include items like an “inferno spray” which is, as Eyb-Green explains, an oven cleaning agent.

Not all reminders are in German – the writer, who was born in Vienna in 1974, also discovered Arabic notes. Her idea to create a book such as “15 dag Extrawurst” is unusual but also convincing since it is immensely amusing to read the various notes people wrote down for themselves or others.

15 dag Extrawurst
By Sigrid Eyb-Green
Published by Edition Krill (

Book look: Wigald, Vienna and vicious food

These are great times for fans of Wigald Boning as he has written another book. 1The author of “Bekenntnisse eines Nachtsportlers”, “In Rio steht ein Hofbräuhaus” und “Die Geschichte der Fußleiste und ihre Bedeutung für das Abendland” has now focused on people’s shopping lists. Boning tried to find out what the products listed on the pieces of rough paper he found at car parks and in pedestrian zones say about their creators’ characters. This setting sparks immensely entertaining moments since Boning is a skilled writer of amusing non-fiction. The author and singer – who once formed “Die Doofen”, a popular fun pop duo, with Olli Dittrich – hosted various television shows over the past years. His attempt to characterise people by analysing their shopping lists is unusual, but it is no surprise that the Adolf Grimme Award laureate wrote a great book based on this idea.

Butter, Brot und Läusespray
By Wigald Boning
Published by rororo / Rowohlt (

Daniel Krasa, a Vienna-born filmmaker, has written a travel guide for his hometown. The director of “Shalom Vienna” – a documentary movie released in 2004 – managed to display the vast spectrum of sights the Austrian capital has to offer.  “CityTrip Vienna” contains essential information about the most popular attractions like St. Stephen’s Cathedral, the State Opera and the Prater amusement park. However, the new guide also features a quick introduction to the famous Viennese dialect. Furthermore, it includes tips where to enjoy a schnitzel or some sausages. Krasa – who previously released travel guides for Frankfurt, Tel Aviv and Naples – managed to create an intelligent assistance for holidaymakers interested in discovering the manifold beauties of Vienna.

CityTrip Wien
By Daniel Krasa
Published by Reise Know-How (

It seems that buying fresh food and eating healthily are increasingly difficult tasks. Hans-Ulrich Grimm’s new book has the potential to become a great assistance for everyone intending to do the right thing. With “Vom Verzehr wird abgeraten”, the self-proclaimed food detective helps people to navigate through today’s world of genetically manipulated vegetables, hidden calories and so-called functional food. The book – one of the most successful releases of the past months in Germany and Austria – uncovers myths regarding organic food, cancer risks and low-fat products. Grimm – whose previous publications are called “Die Ernährungslüge”, “Leinöl macht glücklich” and “Die Suppe lügt” – criticises schools for cooperating with big food firms. The Stuttgart-based journalist also reveals how scientists, state-funded institutions and foodstuff makers partner up – to the disadvantage of consumers.

Vom Verzehr wird abgeraten
By Hans-Ulrich Grimm
Published by Droemer (

Book look: Martin Langebach and Andreas Speit

Economically difficult times seem to boost radical political groups, as recent elections across Europe show.

For “Europas radikale Rechte”, Martin Langebach and Andreas Speit investigated in several European countries to determine what the various right-wing movements have in common. However, the authors do not forget to examine the differences either. They tell from Marine Le Pen’s successful modernisation of the Front National in France and explain why Geert Wilders’ Partij voor de Vrijheid is rather a foundation than a party. Langebach and Speit also write about Gabor Vona, the slick leader of the Jobbik movement in Hungary, a far-right party which finds support among militant groups. Furthermore, the British National Party (BNP) and the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) are in the focus. The authors analyse why the latter recently managed to attract new voting blocks. 1

Langebach and Speit attended demonstrations and gatherings by neo-Nazis and right-wing parties in Scandinavia and Switzerland, but they also spoke with racism experts in Austria about the Freedom Party (FPÖ). Their book portrays FPÖ leader Heinz-Christian Strache but also underlines the importance of late Carinthian Governor Jörg Haider to Austria’s right-wing spectrum.

“Europas radikale Rechte” – which features a chapter about the situation in the European Parliament – is a precise analysis of political developments in Europe. However, the book also includes a few errors. Heinz-Christian Strache is once referred to as “Hans-Christian Strache”. Such a mistake is less grave than significant errors concerning politics. Langebach and Speit claim that Haider was vice chancellor. The disputed populist, who passed away in 2008, had an enormous impact on the domestic political scene – but he was never member of a federal government.

Europas radikale Rechte. Bewegungen und Parteien auf Straßen und in Parlamenten
By Martin Langebach and Andreas Speit
Published by Orell Füssli (

Linda’s love for photography

The photographic achievements of Linda McCartney are on display in Vienna.

McCartney took pictures of rock stars like Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix and Rolling Stones front man Mick Jagger. However, she also portrayed flowers, animals and landscapes. All of these 1photographs are part of the new Kunst Haus Wien’s new exhibit. Fans of photography will be pleased by the wide range of technical methods used by McCartney.

Apart from photos of musicians, private shots showing her kids and husband Paul – whom she met thanks to her profession – at their farms in Scotland and the United States are on display. The wide range of photos proves that McCartney’s sublime talent and the sense for the right moment to take a picture were boundless.

Many people might be drawn to the exhibit due to her name and relationship with the Beatles legend. But it is also certain that they will be convinced of her skills – regardless of who she was married with. McCartney died from cancer in 1998, but her legacy lives on.


Picture copyright: 1970 Paul McCartney / Photographer: Linda McCartney

The Sounds to step on Austrian soil

With some of the biggest festivals of the season yet to come, rock fans are fully focused on summer. And with temperatures on a record high, who could disagree?

However, the cool period of this year has great things to offer too as one of the most exciting Scandinavian bands are at the ready to perform in Austria. The Sounds, a five-member ensemble from Helsingborg in Sweden, will give a concert at Vienna’s Flex club on 21st November. The next day, the band will perform at the Conrad Sohm in Dornbirn.
Over the years, the Sounds ( have increased their fan base across the world – by endless touring and electrifying live shows. The band fronted by charismatic singer Maja Ivarsson performed at some of Europe’s most popular rock festivals, but small night clubs with stages on which running around is ruled out are their favourite habitat. At such settings, the Sounds easily live up to their reputation.

While “Crossing the Rubicon” from 2009 is arguably their masterpiece, they nevertheless managed to meet the high expectations of fans and the press with “Something to die for”, the brilliant follow-up released in 2011. Songs like “Dance with the Devil” and “Better Off Dead” prove that the Sounds are in the lead when it comes to merging underground rock melodies with electronic beats. Their Austrian following can look forward to new material as the band are expected to present a new studio album shortly.

Book look: Bernd-M. Beyer and Dietrich Schulze-Marmeling

A few weeks ago, football fans all over the world got excited by action at the FIFA Confederations Cup as most matches of the tournament were of high quality. Brazil, Spain and the other competing teams delighted their supporters with quick and skilful performances. The event – which took place in several cities across Brazil – was certainly overshadowed by the protests for better healthcare and education and against soaring living costs and corruption. However, the soccer side of things matched all expectations. And so it seems the perfect moment for a new book about the Football World Cup which is set to take place in Brazil next summer.

Renowned sport journalists like Christoph Biermann contributed articles for the latest book project by Bernd-M. Beyer and Dietrich Schulze-Marmeling. “Fußball-Weltmeisterschaft” features 1spectacular action photographs but also images portraying what happens off the pitch at World Cups – from preparations at a VIP box to fans gathering at pubs. Furthermore, the 420-page publication includes a voluminous statistics section, photos of all winning teams and brilliant texts – portraits of the game’s stars as well as essays about decisive occasions like the “Brazilian trauma” of 1950. That year, the hosting nation lost to Uruguay in the final. Now the team’s fans are hoping for revenge at the upcoming Cup, also because of the convincing performance by Neymar who recently joined FC Barcelona.

French legend Michel Platini, Germany’s hero Gerd Müller and Ernst Happel are portrayed in the book among many other iconic players and managers. Happel – who was born in Vienna – coached the “Elftal”, the Dutch national team in 1978. Back then, the World Cup was organised by Argentina – who won the trophy. Austrian soccer fans will always remember the tournament for their team’s 3-2 win against Germany – an occasion considered by the book’s authors.

Those in charge of “Fußball-Weltmeisterschaft” also write about soccer before and during World War Two. A large black and white photograph shows a whole stand giving the Nazi salute. The journalists’ decision not to ignore this dark chapter – when sport was abused by political propaganda – emphasises their approach: creating a comprehensive and informative book about the most popular sport in the world.

By Bernd-M. Beyer, Dietrich Schulze-Marmeling and many others
Published by Verlag Die Werkstatt (