Book look: Sigrid Eyb-Green

“15 dag Extrawurst” is a common request at domestic supermarkets’ deli service departments since this amount of sliced sausage is a popular snack. Austrians love bread rolls with some butter, Extrawurst sausage and maybe a cucumber or a slice of cheese.

However, “15 dag Extrawurst” is also the title of a new book by Sigrid Eyb-Green. The Austrian writer collected almost 700 notes for her most recent release. Most of the small sheets of paper were thrown away on the streets of Vienna before she picked them up, but there are also notepads from people in Bern, Switzerland, and Amsterdam in the Netherlands.

Some notes are torn into pieces while others show mysterious combinations of numbers. 1Eyb-Green found to-do lists, recipes and a sheet of paper on which someone wrote: “always – often – sometimes – never”. One infuriated resident warns on a note that a driver’s car will be towed away the next time he finds it parked in front of his driveway. Shopping lists include items like an “inferno spray” which is, as Eyb-Green explains, an oven cleaning agent.

Not all reminders are in German – the writer, who was born in Vienna in 1974, also discovered Arabic notes. Her idea to create a book such as “15 dag Extrawurst” is unusual but also convincing since it is immensely amusing to read the various notes people wrote down for themselves or others.

15 dag Extrawurst
By Sigrid Eyb-Green
Published by Edition Krill (

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