Book look: Thomas Glavinic

After writing a book about the real-life horrors which a pilgrimage can include, Thomas Glavinic has written another novel. Glavinic’s most recent books such as “Die Arbeit der Nacht” (2006) and “Das bin doch ich” from 2007 all became bestsellers.
“Unterwegs im Namen des Herren” – a report on a bizarre coach trip to Medjugorje in Bosnia and Herzegovina – also sold extremely well. Glavinic was accompanied by photographer Ingo Pertramer. His recount of the journey is immensely enjoyable to read.

Now Glavinic refocused on his core business of creating outstanding novels. It has to be seen whether “Das größere Wunder” can match the high expectations of fans and critics. According to reports, Glavinic spent eight years on finishing his new book which tells a story taking place on the Mount Everest, in Rome, Tokyo and South America.

Glavinic, who was born in Graz, resides in Austrian capital Vienna. “Wie man leben soll”, a book published in 2004, was turned into a movie starring Axel Ranisch, Robert Stadlober and Katharina Straßer two years ago. David Schalko (“Sendung ohne Namen”, “Dorfers Donnerstalk”) was in charge as director.

Literature experts started to label Glavinic as one of Austria’s most gifted novelists following the release of “Der Kameramörder” in 2001. The Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, a leading German newspaper, lauded him as “one of the most interesting writers of his generation”.

Das größere Wunder
By Thomas Glavinic
Published by Hanser (

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