Book look: Helmut Schneider

“Dosen abfüllen können andere billiger” is a collection of interviews with Michael Häupl, the mayor of Vienna. Häupl – considered by many as Austria’s most powerful social democrat, is known for his openness in interviews, conversations and speeches.
Häupl became mayor of the capital city in 1994. He surprised many political analysts, experts and commentators when he started a coalition with the Green Party after the city parliament elections of 2010. Despite some battlefields like parking issues, questions concerning cycling and traffic around Mariahilfer Street, Vienna’s most popular shopping area, Häupl and Maria Vassilakou managed to convince most of their respectable critics. Boulevard media might continue bashing the Viennese partnership and speculate about an early collapse of the coalition, but Häupl seems determined to soldier on.

“Dosen abfüllen können andere billiger” offers a taste of his general education and cleverness. Thanks to several excellent interviews conducted by Raimund Löw, Peter Pelinka and others, Helmut Schneider’s new book makes very clear that conversations with Häupl are never a dull affair.

Dosen abfüllen können andere billiger
By Helmut Schneider
Published by Echomedia Buchverlag (

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