Book look: Austrian authors as active as ever

Gmeiner has released another crime novel by an Austrian writer. Sabina Naber’s 1“Marathonduell” is the gripping hunt for a murderer who appears to have the perfect alibi. The plot is spun around the Vienna City Marathon, Austria’s biggest sport event. Naber not only writes about a felony and the detectives’ different strategies to catch the culprit. Her new book – which features an informative glossary of Viennese dialect terms – is also a riveting read because of her way to describe the totally opposed characters of the investigating duo. Naber worked as an actress and journalist before she focused on writing. She is the co-founder and director of, a platform of Austrian crime novelists.

Marathonduell. Erster Fall für Mayer und Katz
By Sabina Naber
Published by Gmeiner (

“Atlas eines ängstlichen Mannes”, the latest release by Christoph Ransmayr could become the Upper Austrian author’s commercially most successful publication, as the latest sales figures show. The novel convinces with its special structure. “Atlas eines ängstlichen Mannes” consists of 70 episodes taking place all around the world – Mexico, Morocco, Costa Rica and China, just to name a few locations. Ransmayr created a fascinating kaleidoscope focusing on questions regarding joy and sorrow, life and death and the eternal quest for happiness. Ransmayr was born in Wels in 1954. Having lived in Ireland for many years, the award-winning writer (“Der letzte Weg”, “Der fliegende Berg”) is now based in Vienna. Ransmayr’s books have been translated into more than 30 languages.

Atlas eines ängstlichen Mannes
By Christoph Ransmayr
Published by S. Fischer (

The final things in life are the special field of Herbert Dutzler. After releasing crime novels called “Letzter Kirtag” (2011) and “Letzter Gipfel” last year, he now wrote a 360-page book with the title “Letzte Bootsfahrt”, meaning “final boat trip”. In his new book, Dutzler writes about the discovery of a businessman’s body in the beautiful Salzkammergut region. The storyline – spun around the rather dull daily life and the adventures of police officer Gasperlmaier – features bribery and suspicious real estate deals, but also occasions and events typical for rural Austria. “Letzte Bootsfahrt” is another riveting read by the 55-year-old fiction writer.

Letzte Bootsfahrt. Ein Altaussee-Krimi
By Herbert Dutzler
Published by Haymon (

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