Book look: Lücker, licence plates and a new literature calendar

An experienced journalist and extreme climbing expert has written 1a fascinating book about the highest mountain in the world. In “Der höchste Berg. Traum und Albtraum Everest”, Walther Lücker tells from legendary climbers and the tourism which is increasingly flourishing at the Mount Everest. The former Frankfurter Rundschau reporter’s book also includes excellent photographs, one of them showing an exhausted Gerlinde Kaltenbrunner after returning from the 8,848-metre peak to the base camp. Furthermore, Lücker – who was born in the German city of Frankfurt and lives in South Tyrol, northern Italy – conducted several interviews for the book. Lücker spoke to Reinhold Messner, Hans Kammerlander and many others.

By Walther Lücker
Published by Malik (

“Autokennzeichen – Das Lexikon” is a collection of all of Germany’s licence plates. In this remarkable reference book, Ewald Lindner not only lists them in alphabetical order – from “A” like Augsburg to “ZZ” for Zeitz. He also gathered information about the towns and cities. The book also contains maps, pictures and a quiz – perfect to kill time during another traffic jam. “Autokennzeichen – Das Lexikon” consist of 450 pages. Produced as a paperback, it fits in every glove compartment.

Autokennzeichen – Das Lexikon
By Ewald Lindner
Published by Bassermann (

The Reclam Literaturkalender has a long history as next year’s edition – which is on sale as of now – is its 60th. Once more, the pocket-sized publication contains several black and white photographs and a large variety of extracts and manifold information about famous and less-well known authors. Anna Achmatova, Selma Meerbaum-Eisinger, Frank Wedekind and many other writers are portrayed this time around. Not all of the short texts included are in German. The team of editors also considered a few pages from “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” by Truman Capote.

Reclam Literaturkalender 2014
By Günter Baumann, Christine Jaegle and others
Published by Reclam (

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