Book look: a forgotten generation, Handke’s fungi and four short stories

“Die vergessene Generation. Die Kriegskinder brechen ihr Schweigen” deals with1 a topic which is still widely considered a taboo. Sabine Bode, a freelance journalist and author, interviewed people born between 1930 and 1945. Their fathers were soldiers in the war, and many of them were imprisoned or killed. German newspapers praised her book as “important and highly informative”. Bode’s effort could help citizens born after World War Two to understand their parents better.

Die vergessene Generation. Die Kriegskinder brechen ihr Schweigen
By Sabine Bode
Published by Klett-Cotta (

Only a few months ago, Suhrkamp – a prestigious publishing house – versuchpresented a new book by Peter Handke. It was called “Versuch über den Stillen Ort”. Now Handke added another part to his series of “Versuche” (attempts). The Austrian author, who lives outside Paris, previously presented “Versuch über die Müdigkeit” (1989), “Versuch über die Jukebox” (1990) and “Versuch über den geglückten Tag” (1991). His new book is called “Versuch über den Pilznarren” and is, little surprising much more than an analysis of a mushroom picker’s habits. Once more, Handke performs a literary tightrope act. “The language is the place for adventure again,” the Süddeutsche Zeitung wrote about the new release.

Versuch über den Pilznarren
By Peter Handke
Published by Suhrkamp (

“Bindungen und andere Erzählungen” is the title of a new collection of short sbindungentories by Austrian author Barbara Frischmuth. The Altaussee-born writer can look back on a great number of acclaimed novels like “Die Mystifikationen der Sophie Silber” from 1976 and “Woher wir kommen” which was published in 2012. On 160 pages, “Bindungen und andere Erzählungen” features four stories: “Meine Großmutter und ich”, “Und ich sah, und siehe, eine weiße Wolke…”, “Otter” and “Bindungen”. In all her stories and novels, the author writes about the complex difficulties created by the aim to coexist in harmony. The Residenz Verlag publishing house remarks that Frischmuth’s tales focus on the question whether reality is nothing but an experiment.

Bindungen und andere Erzählungen
By Barbara Frischmuth
Published by Residenz Verlag (

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