Book look: Ulrich Chaussy and Gerd R. Ueberschär

“Es lebe die Freiheit!” is a comprehensive documentation of the activities of the Weiße Rose (White Rose), one of the best known resistance movements in Nazi Germany.
Ulrich Chaussy and Gerd R. Ueberschär not only examined Gestapo interrogation protocols and other documents to reconstruct what happened in the 1940s. The authors also focused on the private lives of the movement’s core members Hans and Sophie Scholl, Alexander Schmorell, Christoph Probst, Willi Graf and Kurt Huber.

In 1942 and 1943, the White Rose produced six different flyers and leaflets on which Germans were encouraged to give up their support for the NSDAP regime.

Ulrich Chaussy is an expert on the matter. He previously produced radio programmes with historical content as well as different films. He also helped organising an exhibition about the White Rose. Furthermore, Chaussy created a CD-ROM about the group and wrote a book about Adolf Hitler’s mountainside retreat near the Bavarian town of Berchtesgaden (“Nachbar Hitler Führerkult und Heimatzerstörung am Obersalzberg”).

Ueberschär, historian, has released several publications, including “Der Nationalsozialismus vor Gericht” a book about the Nuremberg Trials.

“Es lebe die Freiheit!”
By Ulrich Chaussy and Gerd R. Ueberschär
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