Book look: children, cartoons and crime

“Kriegsenkel. Die Erben der vergessenen Generation” could be considered Bodeas a book which tries helping the kids of war children to understand their parents better. Sabine Bode spoke with Germans born between 1960 and 1975 to analyse what it means to grow up in prosperity. The Cologne-based freelance journalist tried to find out why so many of them decided not to have own children. Bode also writes about this generation’s vague fear of the future. “Kriegsenkel. Die Erben der vergessenen Generation” is not Bode’s first book. Previously, the former Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger reporter published “Die vergessene Generation. Die Kriegskinder brechen ihr Schweigen”, “Die deutsche Krankheit – German Angst” and “Nachkriegskinder. Die 1950er und ihre Soldatenväter”.

Kriegsenkel. Die Erben der vergessenen Generation
By Sabine Bode
Published by Klett-Cotta (

A new collection of cartoons by Nicolas Mahler is out now. After releasing Mahler“Gedichte” – which featured drawings of all experiences of a human being between birth and death – Suhrkamp presents Mahler’s latest creation: his attempt to turn “Der Mann ohne Eigenschaften” (The Man Without Qualities) by Robert Musil into a graphic novel. Mahler’s drawings display his laconic humour. The Austrian artist always tries to focus on the essence. The characters he creates appear to have no faces, and most of his drawings are black and white. This time around, a dark, muddy green has been added. Mahler – whose cartoons have been published by weekly newspaper Die Zeit and Titanic, a popular satirical magazine – is already considered as the next superstar of the international scene of graphic novelists and cartoonists. “Der Mann ohne Eigenschaften” is widely regarded as an important and timeless book. However, many of those who are potentially interested are intimidated by its proportion. Maybe Mahler’s book will help some literature fans to lose their fears.

Mahler nach Robert Musil: Der Mann ohne Eigenschaften
By Nicolas Mahler
Published by Insel Verlag (

Rupert Schöttle’s new novel is out now. “Hausmaestro” is a thrilling crime novel aHausmaestro_RLYbout a murder in Vienna. Kajetan Vogel and Alfons Walz start their investigations after the body of a talented young conductor is found. He was set to conduct the first performance of “La Traviata” at the Viennese State Opera. The murder was carried out shortly after the sensational news of his assignment emerged. Schöttle – whose novel “Damenschneider” was published in 2011 – manages to link suspense elements with Austrian humour and the capital city’s famous coffee culture. The Mannheim-born author has a close relationship with Austria. He came to Salzburg to study before moving to Vienna. With “Hausmaestro”, Schöttle proves that he is not only a brilliant cellist but also a gifted writer.

Hausmaestro. Ein Wien-Krimi
By Rupert Schöttle
Published by Gmeiner (

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