Book look cinema special: The Third Man

Alexander Glück is chasing the Third Man in Vienna. The film – directed by Carol Reed in 1949 – is widely regarded as a landmark achievement in the early days of commercial cinema.1

Alexander Glück’s new book – which is on sale as of now – does not just feature lots of information about its cast from Joseph Cotten to Alida Valli. It is also packed with great photographs of streets and squares in the Austrian capital which are of importance in the movie. Furthermore, Glück portrays the Viennese Third Man museum and reveals secrets about the capital city’s sewerage system where several key scenes of the film were shot.

The legacy of the “The Third Man” is undisputed, and the black and white film written by English playwright Graham Greene will continue to have an impact of the international image of Vienna for a long time. Visiting the places where Orson Welles and the other members of the cast were once strolling along is a main reason to travel to Vienna for many tourists who fell in love with the city before their first trip – thanks to the lovely Austrian and foreign characters in “The Third Man”.

Seeing the movie at the Burgkino (, a tradition-rich cinema near the State Opera – has been an integral part of their holiday in Vienna for thousands of holidaymakers over the years. The film is a regular part of the weekly programme at the Burgkino where all films are screened in their original language version.

Auf den Spuren des Dritten Mannes in Wien
By Alexander Glück
Published by Pichler (

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