Book look: Larcher and life-changing moments

larcherDaniela Larcher’s new book is out now. Larcher – Bregenz-born writer – studied archaeology before she moved to New York. Today, she is based in Vienna. “Neumond” tells from the third murder case investigated by chief inspector Otto Morell. Larcher – who also wrote “Die Zahl” and “Zu Grabe” – once more created a thrilling novel. This time, Morell has to examine a crime in wintertime. The discovery of a corpse becomes a welcome excuse not to go skiing for the St. Gröden investigator. Critics have praised Larcher’s new book as “excellent and entertaining”.

By Daniela Larcher
Published by Fischer (

und dann“…und dann war alles anders. 39 Momente, die das Leben veränderten.” tells from important decisions, crucial moments and life-changing experiences. In the book, migrants recount their personal story and explain how they managed to overcome various hurdles on their way to happiness and success in Austria. Among the personalities represented in the book, there are several celebrities like television presenter Arabella Kiesbauer, musical star Maya Hakvoort and former State Opera director Ioan Holender. The book does not only feature gripping real-life stories but also excellent portrait photographs of those who share their personal experiences. “…und dann war alles anders. 39 Momente, die das Leben veränderten.” is an Echomedia Buchverlag release and comes shortly after “Dosen abfüllen können andere billiger”, an informative and amusing collection of interviews with Viennese Mayor Michael Häupl. Peter Pelinka, Raimund Löw and other renowned journalists spoke with the influential docial democrat for the book edited by Helmut Schneider.

…und dann war alles anders. 39 Momente, die das Leben veränderten.
By Brigitte Lendl, Susanne Athanasiadis and Stefan Gormasz
Published by Echomedia Buchverlag (

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