Book look: Bahr and Borussia

bahrEgon Bahr held various posts in the Social Democratic Party. However, the German politician is best known for being Willy Brandt’s closest friend and most important political advisor. In the 1960s and 1970s, Bahr consulted Brandt regarding his controversial Eastern Europe strategy. He was also at his side during a trip to the United States where Brandt met Robert and John F. Kennedy. Bahr – who got to know Brandt already in the 1950s – writes about the day the chancellor resigned. He also deciphers the difficult relationship between the late SPD leader with Herbert Wehner and Helmut Schmidt, the party’s other key personalities in the 1060s and 1970s. Brandt died in 1992. Last year, the late mayor of Berlin would have celebrated his 100th birthday had he lived. Bahr is still highly active as analyst of political developments. At the age of 92, he still is a popular person to be interviewed and invited to television debates.

“Das musst du erzählen.” Erinnerungen an Willy Brandt
By Egon Bahr
Published by Propyläen (

borussiaThere are many extraordinary stories to tell about Borussia Mönchengladbach, one of the most popular German football teams. Now four employees of the club’s media and communication office decided to collect them. The result is a book packed with great anecdotes about a great club and its players. “Ein Heimsieg per Post” – in which stories of the past 50 years are featured – is the perfect gift for every fan of the “Fohlen”. Markus Aretz organised the research for the publication. “Ein Heimsieg per Post” is not the first book about his favourite club. “Die Elf vom Niederrhein”, “11 Torjäger”, “Akte Aufstieg” and several other books were created at his desk as well. In his latest release, fans find information about Borussia Mönchengladbach’s iconic players such as Berti Vogts, Uwe Kamps, Stefan Effenberg and others. There are tales about stolen buses, fires and funny television appearances. The book also includes many photos and hilarious statements by the club’s legendary players and coaches.

Ein Heimsieg per Post
By Markus Aretz, Christoph Baumeister, Andreas Cüppers and Michael Lessenich
Published by Verlag Die Werkstatt (

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