Book look: the rolling reporter

Michael Wigge has created several funny television reports about highly unusual topics. He is also the author of “Ohne Geld bis ans Ende der Welt”, a wiggebestseller about travelling without any money.

Now the German journalist – who is always looking for new challenges – tried to cross his home country from the most northern point to the most southern place of land. As means of transport, Wigge chose the slowest vehicle he could think of: a scooter.

His book does not just document the physical strains he had to endure. Wigge also writes about his encounters with extraordinary people throughout the country. He met a man who won the world championship for beards. Furthermore, Wigge discovered all kinds of personal collections – from candy to garden gnomes. At the end, the rolling reporter reveals whether he succeeded. His target at the start of the journey was to reach southern Germany in 80 days or less.

There is an uncountable number of serious and not so serious books about long trips and very special expeditions: people climb the highest mountains and cycle from continent to continent in record time. But covering 2.473 kilometres at a snail’s pace is certainly a fresh approach to the subject of travelling.

Auf dem Tretroller durch Deutschland
By Michael Wigge
Published by Malik (

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