Lower Saxony: lots of highlights

The German region of Lower Saxony has more to offer one may think – and, thanks to a direct connection provided by Air Berlin – the area is becoming and increasingly popular holiday destination for Austrians.

Hanover is not just a city where several fairs are taking place. It is also a centre for modern art. One of the city’s museums, the Kestnergesellschaft, is currently presenting interesting works by rising stars of the English culture scene (“Pool. Kunst aus London”, Pool. Art from London).
Tourists and business travellers staying in Hanover can travel conveniently to Wolfsburg by train. And, no: not all of the attractions of the ‘car city’ are about automobiles. Wolfsburg also has a great gallery for paintings and other objects of art, the Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg.

The museum – a spectacular and beautiful building – is currently presenting a comprehensive exhibition of paintings by Oskar Kokoschka (“Humanist und Rebell”, Humanist and Rebel). Portraits of people close to him such as friends and lover Alma Mahler are part of the exhibit. However, most impressive are his animal studies. A whole room is dedicated to this kind of art created by the influential Austrian artist who died at the age of 93 in Montreux, Switzerland, in 1980.
Another highlight of Wolfsburg is the Volkswagen Automuseum in Dieselstraße where car enthusiasts get to see legendary VW models but also remarkable prototypes. The venue’s showroom features several Golf models, rally cars and military vehicles.

Lower Saxony is also becoming more and more an important location for sports. Apart from being a Football Bundesliga city, Hanover has developed into host of one of the country’s biggest Marathons. Around 18,000 people participated in the various competitions which took place last month: the Marathon, the Half-Marathon, a 10-kilometre run and many other challenges. Ideal weather and the support by several percussion groups and other musicians guaranteed a great day for athletes and spectators. Next year, the Hannover Marathon will take place on 19 April.

>> http://www.kestnergesellschaft.de

>> http://www.kunstmuseum-wolfsburg.de

>> automuseum.volkswagen.de

>> http://www.marathon-hannover.de

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