Stars and space

Two brilliant photo exhibitions are currently causing a stir in Vienna. 2

At the Kunst Haus Wien in Landstraße district, some of the best photos by Andreas H. Bitesnich are on display. The exhibition focuses on what Bitesnich created in the past 25 years in Bitesnich. It contains remarkable portraits of celebrities like the Klitschko brothers, Christian Vieri, Ernst Happel and Jane Goodall. Another important part of the exhibition are his large-scale erotic nudes. Some of his models’ flawless bodies are twisted in adventurous manner.

Bitesnich is brutally honest when it comes to portraying poverty in megacities like Delhi. His images showing poor and ill people on the streets of cities in India and Cambodia are heart-wrenching. Bitesnich also managed to create realistic reflections of life in Paris, New York City and Tokyo, as the black and white photographs on display at the Kunst Haus Wien prove.

A rather small part of the exhibit which must not be missed by visitors is a display case showing nude photographs taken in 1919 by Rudolf Hochwald – Bitesnich’s grandfather.
Meanwhile, visitors of the Westlicht gallery in Vienna-Neubau are fascinated by a totally different kind of photographic art. A new exhibit called “Völlig losgelöst. Die Geschichte der Weltraumfotografie” (Zero Gravity. The History of Space Photography) features images of planets, galaxies and comets. Some of the photos resemble paintings due to their colours which sometimes appear almost unreal and artificial. Some photographs do really only show what orbs look like. However, others are reworked to make relevant aspects visible.

At least as much interesting as the images of distant planets are photos showing the NASA’s preparation for the legendary flight of Apollo 11 in 1969. Photos taken on the moon are on display as well as pictures showing Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins after their return.



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