Book look: the Muslim Brotherhood

1Two years ago, Petra Ramsauer published a remarkable book about the Arab spring. In “Mit Allah an die Macht. So verändern Arabiens Revolutionen unsere Welt”, she explained how the different national resistance movements worked and analysed their chances for success. Her book dealt with political, sociological and religious issues.

Now Ramsauer has once more focused on the complex matter. This time around, she focused on the Muslim Brotherhood. The Austrian journalist – who has been filing reports from crisis regions all over the world for two decades – investigated the network of the organisation which also covers Europe. She explains how the Muslim Brotherhood is organised in Vienna, Brussels and Munich. Only recently, London-based papers claimed that the organisation was considering relocating their European headquarter from the United Kingdom to Graz in the Austrian province of Styria following investigations by the British government.

Hundreds of members of the controversial brotherhood – which is allegedly driven by an increasingly radical ideology – have been sentenced to death while the union’s leaders are behind bars. In “Muslimbrüder. Ihre geheime Strategie – Ihr globales Netzwerk”, Ramsauer examines whether accusations are true that the organisation supports terror against democratic institutions. She does not limit her investigations on Egypt where Mohamed Morsi, the presidential election candidate of the Muslim brotherhood, was deprived of power the country’s military after just one year in office. The Concordia Award laureate also reports from Syria and Libya. Her book is a precise analysis of the influential organisation which is active in almost 80 countries.

Muslimbrüder. Ihre geheime Strategie – Ihr globales Netzwerk
By Petra Ramsauer
Published by Molden Verlag (

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