Book look: Merkel’s secret

Immensely popular in her home country, but criticised by many commentators and political activists across Europe. For many years, Angela Merkel has been described as the 1Queen of Europe. The impressive victory of her party, the Christian Democratic Union (CDU), in last year’s federal election was just the icing on the cake.

Now two renowned journalists have taken a closer look at her pre-government member life. Ralf Georg Reuth, the author of several books about the Third Reich, and Günther Lachmann interviewed many contemporary witnesses of Merkel and searched different archives to analyse the 35 years she spent in East Germany.

Reuth and Lachmann portray Merkel as a devout supporter of modernising personalities of the country’s political system. According to the authors of “Das erste Leben der Angela M.”, the German chancellor did not support the unity of West and East Germany – but was convinced that democratic Socialism would be the best option for the German Democratic Republic. Such claims certainly have potential to cause a stir in Germany and all over the continent considering Merkel’s significance in European politics.

Das erste Leben der Angela M.
By Ralf Georg Reuth and Günther Lachmann
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