Book look: World War One and Wisnewksi

1After books about Jesus of Nazareth, Germans in Eastern Europe and Jerusalem, the Spiegel magazine’s team of special subject editors has focused on a devastating conflict which started 100 years ago. In their latest 300-page publication, the journalists investigate what caused the First World War, which strategies dominated on the battlefields and how Europe developed after a ceasefire was finally agreed on after four years of relentless fighting. Annette Großbongardt, Der Spiegel’s former Istanbul correspondent, and her team analyse how the war changed cultures and societies of the 38 nations which were involved. They examine what the usage of new weapon technology – from machine guns to tanks and submarines – meant as far as human and military aspects are regarded. Articles by Andreas Wassermannm Simone Salden, Bettina Musall and many others are included – as well as map of Europe at that time documenting the frontlines and an interview with military historian Sönke Neitzel.

Der Erste Weltkrieg. Die Geschichte einer Katastrophe
By Annette Großbongardt, Uwe Klussmann and Joachim Mohr
Published by DVA (

2Gerhard Wisnewksi has once more closely observed one year’s news in magazines, newspapers and on television. In the latest edition of his popular series of investigative journalism yearbooks, the freelance journalist reveals scandals such as misleading coverage and a wide spectrum of cover-ups ranging from Wikipedia policies to election manipulations in Germany. Wisnewksi – who released books about 9/11 and the Red Army Faction –gives insight to controversial topics for media consumers interested in finding out the truth. The German’s dedication to detail and the complicity of some subjects demand a great amount of focus from readers.

Verheimlicht, vertuscht, vergessen. Was 2013 nicht in der Zeitung stand
By Gerhard Wisnewksi
Published by Knaur (

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