ÖSD ready

1Understanding the local language is one of the most important aspects for migrants’ happy and professionally successful life, that’s for sure. On various occasions, they have to prove their language skills, for example when applying for a job – let alone the daily shopping at the market.

“Grundstufe Deutsch 1” and “Grundstufe Deutsch 2” are excellent preparation assistants for German teachers preparing their groups for the ÖSD exam. The books – edited by Manuela Glaboniat, Boris Printschitz and Waltraud Hassler – offer an overview on what learners have to expect in the tests. Among other exercises, they have to solve multiple choice tests based on newspaper articles and match pictures with short informative texts based on daily life situations. Introducing oneself, writing an e-mail and arranging a party or a holiday together with a partner are also part of the test scheme.

By passing the ÖSD exams – which are based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) – immigrants increase their chances on the labour market in Europe’s German-speaking countries.2

Grundstufe Deutsch 1
Grundstufe Deutsch 2
By Manuela Glaboniat, Waltraud Hassler and Boris Printschitz
Published by ÖSD (www.osd.at)

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