Russian art and reflections

The Fin de siècle was an exciting time for painters and in Vienna. However, not only Austria experienced a great time for art thanks to its Jugendstil (Art Nouveau) movement. 1Many of Russia’s greatest painters of all time were active around 1900. A new exhibition – taking place at Belvedere Palace, one of Vienna’s most popular galleries – features several paintings created during this era.

Paintings by Austrian artists like Herbert Boeckl and Gustav Klimt, ballet dresses tailored for the legendary Ballets Russes and Russian political propaganda are also on display. The number of subjects on which Russian painters focused in the beginning of the 20th century is considerable: “Silver Age” (Silver Age. Russian Art in Vienna around 1900) features still lifes, paintings showing party scenes but also idyllic landscapes.

Another current Belvedere exhibition presents mostly contemporary art: “Die andere Seite. Spiegel und Spiegelungen in der zeitgenössischen Kunst” (The Other Side. Mirrors and Reflections in Contemporary Art) consists of various objects and installations but also photographs. Vanity and reflections are the dominating topics of the represented artists’ creations. “Die andere Seite” features works by Franz West as well as many photographs on loan from the Viennese Westlicht gallery showing portraits of Marlene Dietrich and other stars, a busy beauty parlour and Orson Welles removing make-up backstage.


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