War trauma and tourism

An exceptional exhibition about Salzburg during World War One has started.salzburg

“Krieg. Trauma. Kunst. Salzburg und der Erste Weltkrieg” (War. Trauma. Art. Salzburg and the First World War) – now on at the Salzburg Museum, which is located in the ancient centre of the city – features weapons, personal notes of soldiers and poets, paintings, propaganda leaflets and posters and much more. The comprehensive exhibit examines how residents of the picturesque province dealt with the occurrences which took place between 1914 and 1918. It analyses how the violent conflict – in which hundreds of thousands of civilians and soldiers lost their lives – built up and finally ended. Visitors can find out what artists such as playwright Stefan Zweig thought about the war and how they were influenced by it.

Furthermore, the Salzburg Museum’s current exhibition presents facts and figures about the province and the city. Winter and summer sports tourism and the hype about Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart – tourism is an essential pillar of the region’s economy. The exhibit underlines its importance for the inhabitants and companies. Visitors get to see many recently taken photographs but also older photos taken at the Salzburg Festival and other events.

>> http://www.salzburgmuseum.at

::: The Austrian Culture Channel on Twitter: @accthomas

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