Book look: cockpit stories, confessions and Crystal Meth

Low-cost carriers experienced a boom a few years ago. They were immensely popular across Europe thanks to their cheap offers and easy booking procedures. julia novemberNow the mood has changed as prices increased. However, the airlines’ image also worsened because of the introduction of various controversial rules. Harsh luggage weight restrictions and other disputed policies have caused anger among passengers. Now a German pilot reveals what happens behind the scenes. Julia November’s book “Kaufen Sie noch ein Los, bevor wir abstürzen” not only contains explosive background information. The insider also offers advices to passengers in a bid to enable smooth travelling.

Kaufen Sie noch ein Los, bevor wir abstürzen
By Julia November
Published by Riva (

As conflicts between members of different confessions are getting more emotional, a new book could be of good use when vocelkait comes to understanding religions better. Karl Vocelka, a renowned historian who lectured in the United States and curated various exhibitions, did not just focus on officially acknowledged confessions. The Austrian expert on the Habsburg Monarchy also describes the history, structure and achievements smaller communities and sects – from humanitarian work to charity initiatives and second hand shops. Potential controversies regarding certain initiatives by some religions are not ignored either. Roman-Catholicism might dominate in Austria despite shrinking membership figures. Nevertheless, Vocelka dedicated comprehensive chapters to Buddhism, Hinduism and many other denominations in his new book which is set to become an indispensible reference book.

Multikonfessionelles Österreich
By Karl Vocelka
Published by Styria Premium (

Alarming statistics showing strongly rising consumer figures – politicians and health experts warning from an increasing hype about the drug – various television documentaries rivaportraying addicts, among them women and who just gave birth. Crystal meth is considered as a danger for society by many. A new book informs how the drug damages the health of people who consume it. The authors, Dr. Roland Härtel-Petri and Heiko Haupt, also explain how prevention could work. The Riva publication also features an interview with an addict as well as different data. “Crystal Meth. Wie eine Droge unser Land überschwemmt” is the first comprehensive analysis of the substance and its effects on society.

Crystal Meth. Wie eine Droge unser Land überschwemmt
By Dr. Roland Härtel-Petri and Heiko Haupt
Published by Riva Verlag (

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