Book look: Montmartre magic and a wonderful Weisweiler biography

The period between 1890 and the First World War is considered as a great period for art and culture – not only in Vienna where writers and painters gathered in hirmercafes and bars to get inspired. Paris was also a melting pot of creativity around 120 years ago. Earlier this year, the Schirn Kunsthalle in Frankfurt, Germany, presented paintings by artists active in this era but also lots of background information about their lives and working circumstances. Musicians and poets who lived and worked around Paris’ Montmartre hill were portrayed as well. Publishing house Hirmer created a catalogue concerning of all the works of art and facts. “Esprit Montmartre. Bohemian Life in Paris around 1900” features more than 200 paintings but also many photographs. The photo chapter enables readers to get a first impression of this exciting time. Further on, the impact of Pablo Picasso Henri Matisse and other artists is examined and analysed, while a chapter called “A Man from the North in Paris” deals with Vincent Van Gogh’s experiences in the French capital.

Esprit Montmartre. Bohemian Life in Paris around 1900
By Ingrid Pfeiffer and Max Hollein
Published by Hirmer (

Sepp Herberger, Udo Lattek, Ottmar Hitzfeld – and Hennes Weisweiler. An unofficial list of Germany’s most celebrated football coaches would certainly consist of these names. Now weisweilerexperienced sports journalists have teamed up to honour Weisweiler with a new book. The trophy-winning manager – considered as a legend by fans of 1. FC Köln and Borussia Mönchengladbach – died aged 63 in 1983. The authors, Günter Giersberg, Kürt Röttgen and Hermann Josef Weskamp, not just recount his impressive career and astonishing triumphs in the Bundesliga. They also portray his childhood and private life. Many pictures illustrate the remarkable biography. Several companions like Wolfgang Niersbach, the president of the German Football Association, former Mönchengladbach captain Berti Vogts and ex-Bayern Munich legend Franz Beckenbauer contributed articles in which they honour Weisweiler. The soccer celebrities also reveal a few secrets in their texts. Beckenbauer, for example, discloses that he supported his then-club Cosmos New York in their ambitions of signing Weisweiler as manager. “I was convinced of his qualities and experience,” Beckenbauer points out. However, there were also frictions, especially between Mönchengladbach star Günter Netzer and the coach – and this new book is the perfect opportunity for young football fans to read the whole story.

Hennes Weisweiler
By Günter Giersberg, Kürt Röttgen and Hermann Josef Weskamp
Published by Verlag Die Werkstatt (

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