Book look: workout and Winter Olympics

Fitness expert Marco Santoro has presented a new book packed with nutrition advices and varied exercises. “Die Fitmacher-Formel”, released in cooperation with sports and health journalist Gela Brüggemann,fitmacher offers a comprehensive guide to a healthier lifestyle. Santoro not only introduces his new own programme SIT (short intensive training). He also informs readers about how they can improve their diet. Santoro collected many recipes for delicious but healthy breakfasts, lunches and dinners. His 60-day regime includes a broad range of exercises created to improve people’s overall fitness. Furthermore, each part of the programme aims at certain muscles. Explaining his principles, Santoro stresses that there is no gain without pain: “Test your limits,” he appeals on readers. The personal coach – whose client list also features some German showbiz personalities – also warns from believing different workout myths. Thanks to the comprehensive nutrition navigator and the large number of photographs of exercises, “Die Fitmacher-Formel” is an ideal product for everyone interested in getting in better shape.

Die Fitmacher-Formel
By Marco Santoro and Gela Brüggemann
Published by Südwest (

The decision to organise the events in a seaside resort might have been controversial. The political message of awarding the 22nd Olympic Winter Games to Russia has been harshly sochicriticised by many. However, the sportive aspects managed to convince fans and media. Exciting competitions and memorable challenges keep in mind. “Sotschi 2014. Die Olympischen Winterspiele” looks back on the excitement in Sochi in February 2014. Detlef Vetten and Ulrich Kühne-Hellmessen created a 17-day diary to highlight the most important fights for gold. Fantastic photographs are featured as well to document the sensational downhill triumph by Matthias Mayer and the many other surprising victories. The book also focuses on the big disappointments as several favourites failed to live up to the high expectations. A comprehensive statistics section – including a medals table – reveals how well Russia and Norway performed. The host country took first place with 33 medals, including 13 gold, followed by the Scandinavian nation and Canada. The United States only reached fourth place. Germany finished in sixth, while Austria took ninth place.

Sotschi 2014. Die Olympischen Winterspiele
By Detlef Vetten and Ulrich Kühne-Hellmessen
Published by Verlag Die Werkstatt (

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