Book look: Greek mythology and French novels

A German publishing house has released a spectacularly comprehensive book about ancient Greek mythology. “Die Mythologie der Griechen” by Hungarian expert Karl Kerenyi klettdescribes the main characters in Greek storytelling, their relations and influence. Kerenyi – whose book was praised by Thomas Mann and Erhard Kästner when it was published as a two-volume edition for the first time in the 1950s – analyses various aspects of the myths of ancient Greece. His 800-page tome is essential for anyone interested in getting to know the subject in detail thanks to its vast amount of precise information. Other important publications by Klett-Cotta are “Kriegsenkel. Die Erben der vergessenen Generation” by Sabine Bode and “Krebs. Die unsterbliche Krankheit” by Martin Bleif. Wile Bode interviewed Germans born between 1960 and 1975 to find out how they dealt with their elder relatives’ experiences in World War Two, Bleif delivers a clear examination of the various kinds of cancer. On 500 pages, the internationally renowned expert on the disease manages to connect scientific facts with helpful advices to people suffering from cancer and their relatives. Nearly 20,000 Austrians die from cancer each year. The sickness is the cause for 25 per cent of all deaths in the country.

Die Mythologie der Griechen. Götter, Menschen & Heroen
By Karl Kerenyi
Published by Klett-Cotta (

After several tough lessons of focused grammar training, the need for distraction can be immense. A special edition of French novels by Langenscheidt enable readers to merge bellediversion with learning. The series of stories includes classic romantic novels like “La Belle et la Bete” by Jeanne-Marie Leprince de Beaumont and historical novels such as Alexandre Dumas’ “La Tulipe Noire”. All editions are especially edited and rearranged for people with other mother languages. After each chapter, the 90-page books offer various exercises based on the plot as well as different grammatical aspects. The decision to add CDs turn these illustrated books into highly attractive offers for young learners who have not yet endorsed French. Furthermore, the novels are an ideal addition to Langenscheidt’s comprehensive language learning programme which features dictionaries, conversation guides for travellers, quiz books, calendars and much more.

La Tulipe Noire
By Alexandre Dumas
Published by Langenscheidt (

La Belle et la Bete
By Jeanne-Marie Leprince de Beaumont
Published by Langenscheidt (

Une etrange disparation
By Juliette Blanche et Sarah Guilmault
Published by Langenscheidt (

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