Book look: Baumann & Bobi

Erich Lessing, Andreas H. Bitesnich – Vienna has always brought out creative and innovative photographers. Manfred Baumann is certainly among the top names on this list. baumannThe snapper – who has focused on landscape portraits and nude photography – has worked with many film stars and musicians Now the Viennese photographer collected snapshots (red carpet, backstage) and precious portraits to create a book which tells from his many encounters. Baumann added personal notes in which he revealed how he got to know the stars and what it felt like to spend some time with them. There are many b-list celebs and actors starring in crime series. Not all of them might be household names. However, “L.A. Stories” also features some Hollywood legends (Bruce Willis) and top stars of the 21st century (Anne Hathaway). The book is just one of many projects Baumann has been working on recently. In September, the photographer offered workshops to fans at the Photokina, a fair in the German city of Cologne. It was no surprise that hundreds turned up to learn from the experienced photography artist. Another highlight of 2014 is his portraying session with eight winners of the annual Miss Austria contest. The result: a spectacular series of the models covered in a huge Austrian flag.

L.A. Stories
By Manfred Baumann
Published by Echomedia Buchverlag (

Vienna as a hotspot for espionage? The Austrian capital – a key location for illicit deals and controversial negotiations? And what would that mean as the discussion about the bobiNSA’s policies continues? An investigative journalist has decided to examine the myths circling around the city to find out whether its alleged image is real. Emil Bobi, who wrote remarkable articles for political magazine profil for 15 years, spoke with former intelligence service employees and politicians to evaluate Vienna’s importance as far as espionage and other top-secret activities are regarded. “Die Schattenstadt. Was 7,000 Agenten über Wien aussagen” does not feature just hard facts. It also consists of rather essayistic parts about the infamous Viennese humour and the difficult relationship between Austrians and Germans. Here, Bobi explains what these specific characteristics of Vienna and its people mean concerning the intelligence business in the city.

Die Schattenstadt. Was 7,000 Agenten über Wien aussagen
By Emil Bobi
Published by Ecowin (

::: The Austrian Culture Channel on Twitter: @accthomas

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