Book look: language barriers & lousy builders

Books on the funny aspects of language barriers are booming as Langenscheidt releases another collection of poorly translated signs. “Übelsetzungen. arnuSprachpannen aus aller Welt” features more than 100 incredibly erroneous warning notices, menus and user manuals. Examples from all over the world are featured in this sixth part of the renowned publishing house’s series of books with translation errors. German-speaking travellers probably decided not to buy this orange juice after reading the confusing list of ingredients while others maybe abstained from staying at the hotel with confusing information regarding the features of its rooms.

Übelsetzungen. Sprachpannen aus aller Welt
By Titus Arnu and Monika Schaffrath
Published by Langenscheidt (

The best photos posted on the internet by a popular Facebook group have now been collected for a picture book. “Pfusch am Bau” is the name of a Facebook page set up around two years diyago. Within months, an uncountable number of hilarious pictures of building site horrors have been sent to its founders. People from all over Germany and abroad contributed shots of unbelievable DIY nightmares and embarrassing construction errors. Wrongly installed toilets, ugly floors and staircases blocking emergency exits – photographs like these earned likes from all over the world. Now the best shots and funny proverbs regarding the do it yourself hype can be found in “Pfusch am Bau”, Marc Steiner’s book based on the Facebook page activities.

Pfusch am Bau
By Marc Steiner
Published by Riva Verlag (

::: The Austrian Culture Channel on Twitter: @accthomas

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